Native NFTs

What are Native NFTs?

Native NFTs are an NFT format built by the Unique Network blockchain that enables the minting of NFTs in seconds without using smart contracts or complex tools.

Why are Native NFTs unique?

  1. No need to deploy smart contracts, as is necessary with EVM chains.
  2. Minimal costs required to mint thanks to Unique Network & Polkadot’s carbon-neutral architecture.
  3. Full customization properties. Create different layers of personalized NFTs with no permanent changes.
  4. Unlock faster, more efficient, and affordable NFT production cycles.

Use cases

  1. Digital Art – NFT collections
  2. Loyalty programs
  3. NFT Events (ticketing, event engagement mechanics)
  4. NFT Marketplaces
  5. Web2 platforms moving to web3 (Twitter, Telegram, Reddit)
  6. Collectibles
  7. Games
  8. Sustainability
  9. Digital Fashion
  10. Real Estate
  11. Proof of achievement (Badges, SBT)
  12. Proof-of-Attendance
  13. Metaverse

You can mint NFTs using our wallet with no blockchain developer experience. Our JS SDK is also available if you want to create thousands and millions of NFTs, and it does not require blockchain experience for your developers.

How can you monetize Native NFTs?

  1. NFT Events – Exclusive Access, VIP Pass, and Souvenir NFTs enhance event experiences and sales.
  2. Games – In-game assets, Game Pass, and Collectible NFTs boost purchases, revenue, and engagement by offering unique content and collectibles.
  3. Tickets – Early Access, Seat Selection, and Package Deal NFTs elevate ticket sales, customer service, and profits through priority access, reservation options, and bundled perks.
  4. Loyalty Programs – Reward Points, Exclusive Discounts, and Membership Status NFTs stimulate customer loyalty, repeated business, and tier differentiation via rewards, discounts, and distinctive NFTs.
  5. Web2 to Web3 Platforms – Tokenized Access, User-Generated Content, and Subscription Service NFTs promote engagement, monetize creativity, and generate regular revenue through unique access, tradeable content, and subscription services.

How can Native NFTs benefit your users

  • They cost little to mint
  • Developers don’t require blockchain or Solidity knowledge. Easy learning curve
  • Accessible for web2 developers
  • Users can break free from development limitations and mint from UniqueWallet

How can I create Native NFTs?

You can take three paths to try it out:

  • The Unique Walletopen in new window - no developer knowledge needed. Just create your account, define and create your collection from the appropriate tab, and start minting your NFTs.
  • The Unique Network SDKs - Super tools for rapid development and mass minting
  • EVM Solidity Interfaces - Solidity interfaces supporting Solidity developers to reap the benefits of the Unique Network Native NFTs and blockchain features (see here and this section in the documentation for general info)