Our chains

Unique Network provides 4 chains, each of them has its own purpose and specifics. In this section, we will briefly describe them.

Unique is a Polkadot parachain. This the Mainnet and it provides the production environment.

Quartz is a Kusama parachain. It is a kind of canary network. It receives updates earlier than Unique, but this is also mainnet that provides the production environment.

Opal is a our testnet. It receives updates earlier than Quartz, and since the OPL tokens are free (you can get them via the Telegram botopen in new window), you can test anything on this network for free.

Sapphire is a the mainnet for production environment with the quickest time to market (usually, 1 week after Opal testnet). So, it proves the early access to the new features on the production environment.

Why Unique

Unique Network is the next generation NFT chain for advanced use cases and mass adoption.

We are in very early stages of discovering use cases for NFTs. We see them as the Web3 component for managing any unique assets, and as such as having potential for thousands of use cases and becoming core technology everyone uses.

Main direction we see is infrastructure development and support the following points:

  • more advanced use cases;
  • scalability to serve billions of users;
  • tools to hide blockchain’s complexity and barriers for Web2 users;
  • the biggest market for unique assets is Real Estate, but NFTs will be mainly focused on digital real estate in the next decade, as well as digital fashion, games, etc.;
  • additional point - developer ecosystem size, second only to Ethereum.


Unique Network provides sponsored transactions. This feature allows end users to do not even know that they need to pay some transaction fees. This is, because the developers can hide these fees, and the actions with user interface will not contain any mentioning of additional costs.

In Unique Network, the following types of transactions can be sponsored:

  • Minting NFTs
  • NFT transfers
  • Smart contract calls, etc.

For more details on this, see Sponsoring.

USDT on Unique

Unique Network provides native USDT support via XCM.

Today, IDEX is the most advanced exchange on Ethereum. By deploying to Moonbeam, IDEX is able to include assets from Polkadot and its parachains in their exchange without making major changes to their existing code. Moonbeam’s interoperability with other parachains will help bridge IDEX to the many projects (and their tokens) coming to Polkadot.


We provide an on-chain staking mechanism called the App promotion staking. This program is designed with the goal to motivate the application developers to use the parachains, and to attract token holders to the most recent applications, which in turn will attract many end users. The application developers who are newly joining the network will be granted a transaction fee stipend that allows them to execute a starting number of free transactions.

Paying fees with fungible collections

Unique Network provides a way to pay transaction fees with fungible collections. It is possible to create your own cryptocurrency on our network and it will be represented as a fungible collection. Then, you can use this new cryptocurrency to pay transaction fees instead/along with the native network tokens (after our approval). This may be provide additional benefits and possibilities for games on our network.

Enormous amount of capabilities

Unique Network provides the huge range of features never seen before:

  • native, extremely scalable and flexible NFT minting and management;
  • nesting - ability to make a bundle of several NFT and trade it in one;
  • RFT: minted and then partially transfer to multiple owners;
  • scheduling, layered rights management, and other;
  • tools that enable Web2 experience for users and developers (advanced gas sponsoring, SDK, etc.);
  • completely compatible with classic Ethereum tools: EVM with full Solidity support, metamask, ethers, hardhat, truffle - everything as usual. All our technologies are provided as Solidity interfaces and can be used as an easy drop-in replacement for OpenZeppelin libraries;
  • flexibility to develop native NFT features at any scale and complexity due to Substrate modularity and forkless upgrade capabilities;
  • any type of media: images, animations, videos, audio, 3D objects and anything you want to place in.


The estimated minting price is about $ 0.001. So, to mint an NFT collection with 1000 items, you will need to pay just $ 1. This is one of the lowest prices on the market.

Economy model

Unique Network provides the NFT-oriented features and provide the EVM compatibility with Ethereum API and toolchain. We provide low costs, high transaction speeds, minimal climate impact and good scalability, this makes us very economically efficient.