Partnerships and collaborations

SupraOraclesopen in new window partnership with Unique Network will combine Unique's white-label NFT technology with SupraOracle's novel oracle toolset to improve the composition of the dynamic NFTs. Read more.

Vernissage is next generation of community-focused Marketplace, where developers and artists from different skill sets and backgrounds can become a part of Art innovations. Read more.

DigitalArt4Climateopen in new window is an initiative to help spread the word and increase awareness among the population on world's climate change. Read more.

Artpoolopen in new window is an NFT discovery curation platform and art discovery social network Art Curator Gridopen in new window. Read more.

Forever has Fallenopen in new window is a new form of entertainment that combines storytelling with interactive gameplay. Read more.

Winner of Hackusama 2020πŸ₯‡

Build a Blockchain Champion πŸ†

Community Choice Winner πŸ†

Web3 Grants

Polkadot C++ APIopen in new window - Completed βœ…

Substrate API in .NETopen in new window - Completed βœ…

SR25519 library in pure C and C#open in new window - Completed βœ…

PostgreSQL Indexer and Consensus Insureropen in new window - Completed βœ…

NFT Tracking Moduleopen in new window - Completed βœ…

Ambassador program

Join Unique Network’s Ambassador program!

We’re excited to welcome you to be an early applicant for our ambassador program. This is an opportunity for you to get deeply integrated into the DNA of Unique Network platform and the growth journey.

We are building Unique on a core set of values we believe are in line with the principles of the Web3 community:

Merge the best creative minds to build a progressive virtual space for self-expression.

We believe that only by joining together in an exciting, flexible environment can we create a truly unique and attractive space for creativity and sharing experiences while maintaining a touch of adventurism for discovery.

We value Innovativeness, Uniqueness, and above all, our Community!

We want to invite you to join a unique world of unlimited creative expression and build on open source and cutting-edge technologies in more accessible ways that will bridge the innovation to real-world scenarios.

Join us as a Candidate of Unique Network’s Ambassador program to start your journey today by filling the form on our in new window πŸ‘ˆ