RFT (fractional tokens)

The Fractional tokens provide a way for many users to own a part of an NFT. It democratizes premium digital assets through shared ownership powered by Re-Fungibile Token technology.


An NFT can contain another NFT or RFT inside. Also, you can create a bundle that contains NFT + RFT + USDT. When you send the parent NFT to someone, he/she will receive the entire bundle just in one transaction.

Transaction sponsoring

Usually, an end-user has to pay transaction fees when creating a collection, selling or purchasing NFTs. But, where he should get a native currency of network for this?

We, in Unique Network, solve this issue. Using sponsoring, the market (app) owner can pay these insignificant fees for the users, and he/she should not carry about this.

Free form collections

The possibility to set any properties and put any values in them.

Collections with adjusted permissions

You can manage the white list and admin list for collections. Also, you specify for each property who can manage or change it.

EVM integration

  • Support for standard EVM smart-contracts with benefits of whitelisting and sponsoring
    • Collection sponsoring (transferring, approving, minting) by specific address balance
  • Native collections - ERC721Metadata (with ERC721Metadata support)
    • presented as contracts (ERC721-like) and may be interacted via Ethereum clients (like Metamask) and other smart contracts
  • Possibility to create collections without smart contract deployment
  • Admins - opportunity to assign and revoke up to 5 collection Administrators in any moment
  • Seamless interop between Substrate and Ethereum API
    • possibility to create and manage collection from the Substrate API and interact via Ethereum API and vice versa
  • Nesting - examples, description.
  • RFT. ERC20 and ERC1633-compatible. Specifics, description.
  • Ready-to-use solidity interfaces that are emulated.

User-ready tools

  • UniqueWallet
  • UniqueMarketplace
  • UniqueScan

Ways to interact

  • Ethereum API (RPC)
  • SDK - thin client
  • Substrate REST
  • Substrate Client - thick client
  • Polkadot JS