EVM Compatibility

Core EVM features

  • Support for standard EVM smart-contracts
  • Native collections are presented as contracts (ERC721-like) and may be interacted via Ethereum clients (like Metamask) and other smart contracts
  • Possibility to create collections without smart contract deployment
  • Collection sponsoring (transferring, approving, minting) by specific address balance which is set as “CollectionSponsor”
  • Seamless interop between Substrate and Ethereum API: possibility to create and manage collection from the Substrate API and interact via Ethereum API and vice versa
  • Nesting. Easy with usual transfer - examples, descriptions. Rich bundling opportunities:
  • RFT. ERC20 and ERC1633-compatible. With the possibility to split existing NFT into an RFT and then rebundle an RFT into an NFT (under the condition of owning all the RFT parts), etc.