Dynamic NFTs

What are Dynamic NFTs?

Dynamic NFTs are an NFT format supporting token changes or evolving over time, typically based on pre-set rules, user interactions, or real-world data.

Why are Dynamic NFTs unique?

  • Any information can be used as a source. For example any information from any API service for news/weather/Bitcoin price and any other information
  • No need for blockchain knowledge. Accessible for web2 and web3 developers
  • Smart contracts not required

Use cases

  • Dynamic Artwork changing based on specific conditions or triggers
  • Interactive Game NFT – Game items or characters as Dynamic NFTs can evolve, level up, or change based on gameplay
  • Reward Systems – Dynamic NFTs can represent a reward system, changing based on the owner's actions or milestones

Monetization ideas

  • Exclusive Updates – Charge for updates or changes to the dynamic NFTs
  • Subscription Services – Users could pay a subscription fee to receive and interact with dynamic NFTs
  • Tiered Levels – Dynamic NFTs could be sold at different price levels, each offering different interactive elements

How can Dynamic NFTs benefit your users?

  • Interactive – Dynamic NFTs offer an interactive and engaging experience that traditional NFTs cannot
  • Uniqueness – The ability for an NFT to change over time makes each dynamic NFT unique
  • Novelty – The evolving nature of dynamic NFTs keeps the user experience fresh and exciting
  • Personalized experience – User interactions shaping the NFT can result in a highly personalized ownership experience

How can I create Dynamic NFTs?

  • Design your collection, develop the collection tokens traits and prepare the digital assets (image, audio, video, doc).
  • Set up the development environment for using the SDK in two easy steps (step-by-step setup video hereopen in new window)
  • Establishing your own compositing server to observe customizations during development is recommended. The server merges nested NFTs, presents modifications in dynamic NFTs and more
  • The process can be expedited by bringing your own server. More information about the setup can be found in this repo and you can view an example in this video
  • Check out the Dynamic NFT workshopopen in new window, which delves into a practical method of connecting Dynamic NFTs to signal sources and mutators.
  • Mint the NFTs using the SDK (as shown in the workshop hereopen in new window)
  • See results in the UniqueWallet