Fractional Tokens

What are Fractional tokens?

Fractional tokens, or RFTs, are a refungible token format that allows users to fractionalize their tokens, providing an opportunity for shared ownership

They democratize ownership, allowing multiple users to own a piece of an asset and make traditionally indivisible assets, like NFTs, divisible and more accessible.

Why are Fractional tokens unique?

  • Native token standard. Not add-ons or plugin features; they’re intrinsic to the very essence of our NFTs.
  • Smart contracts not required
  • No need to code (everything in wallet)

Use cases

  • Art Sharing – High-value artwork NFTs can be fractionalized to allow multiple users to invest and enjoy shared ownership
  • Real Estate – Property ownership can be fractionally tokenized to allow affordable investment opportunities
  • Collectibles – Rare collectibles can be shared among enthusiasts or investors.
  • Loyalty Programs – Reward users with fractional shares of limited editions, fostering engagement and exclusivity

Monetization ideas

  • Reselling Shares – Owners of fractional tokens could sell their shares for a profit when the value of the whole asset appreciates
  • Crowdfunding – Creators could use fractional tokens to crowdfund their projects, offering a share of the project's NFT as a reward
  • Democratize ownership of artwork – make your art more accessible for potential collectors
  • Membership – Charge a membership fee for exclusive access to fractional token investment opportunities

How can Fractional tokens benefit your users?

  • Affordability – Fractional tokens make high-value assets affordable and accessible
  • Shared Ownership – Users can own a piece of an asset they admire or value without bearing the full cost
  • Increased Liquidity – Fractional tokens provide increased liquidity in the NFT market
  • Potential for Profit – If the whole asset appreciates in value, each fractional token can also increase in value
  • Unleash the power of co-ownership for your end-users, allowing them to envision themselves as co-owners of exquisite art, real estate, and many other valuable assets

How can I create Fractional tokens?

  1. Design your collection, develop collection tokens traits and prepare the digital assets (image, audio, video, doc)
  2. Set up the development environment for using the SDK in two easy steps (step-by-step setup video hereopen in new window)
  3. Determine the RFT attributes that dictate the number of fractions in each token
  4. Mint the NFTs
  5. View the NFTs in UniquerWallet or UniqueScanner