Multi-resource NFTs

What are Multi-resource NFTs?

Multi-resource NFTs are a unique NFT format that enables the storage of multiple files within a single token.

Seamlessly integrate any file type, images, videos, audio, or structured documents like Word or JSON files into your NFTs without the need for complex smart contracts.

Why are Multi-resource NFTs unique?

  • Store any digital file in one NFT. Enjoy maximum convenience
  • Add new files over time for greater flexibility and customization
  • Seamlessly integrate various media formats and structured data. Completely transforms how you share, collaborate, and interact with digital assets

Use cases

  • Advanced NFT collections – store several resources
    • EXAMPLE: Our Substrapunk NFTs are currently accompanied by a single image per token. However, through the multi-resource NFTs feature we have the capability to incorporate additional elements such as a 3D image of Substrapunk, a GIF, and even the voice of Substrapunk using an MP3 file.
  • Multimedia entertainment – A single NFT could hold a movie, its soundtrack and associated artwork
  • Exclusive media content and releases

Monetization ideas

  • Sell more advanced NFT collections
  • Partnership ideas
  • Unlockable content

How can Multi-resource NFTs benefit your users?

  • With the ability to bundle images, videos, audio, and structured documents simultaneously, users can create immersive experiences like never before
  • Users enjoy multiple digital assets linked to a single token, increasing its value and utility
  • The bundled digital assets can offer a unique experience that standalone NFTs may not provide
  • Combining multiple media resources creates several special opportunities and use cases. Think immersive presentations, interactive training modules, and engaging product showcases.

How can I create Multi-resource NFTs?

  1. Design your collection, create the collection tokens traits and prepare the digital assets(image, audio, video, doc)
  2. Set up the development environment for using the SDK in two easy steps (step-by-step setup video hereopen in new window)
  3. Use the links to the multi-resource assets as you would for a simple image NFT
  4. Mint the NFTs
  5. View the NFTs in UniqueWallet or UniqueScan