Substrate is a framework for building custom blockchains. It enables developers to quickly and easily build future-proof blockchains optimized for any use case.

From Ethereum to Substrate

As Ethereum’s co-founder and first CTO, Gavin Wood developed the Ethereum network and created the smart-contract language, Solidity. While groundbreaking at the time, it soon became apparent that Ethereum’s “all-purpose” design imposed hard constraints on developers—from high gas fees to a lack of core upgradability.

In order to push the boundaries of blockchain technology, Gavin left the Ethereum Foundation and started Parity, which implemented the fastest Ethereum client at the time. In the early days of Parity, the team also built a Bitcoin and ZCash client before moving on to spearhead Polkadot. It’s only from all this deep industry experience that blockchains could be reimagined from the ground up. This led to the creation of Substrate, an open source, and future-proof framework that powers a multichain, interoperable, and decentralized Internet.

The main reason why Substrate was born is that developers shouldn't have to recreate fundamentals when building and optimizing a blockchain. Substrate provides the set of tools and ready-to-use modules for creating a blockchain in less than an hour.

Toolingopen in new window

No need to reinvent the wheel, Substrate has robust tooling for development, deployment, and debugging.

Light Client Designopen in new window

Browsers can interact directly with the blockchain network instead of relying on the resource-heavy local node infrastructure of third-party services.

Forkless Upgradesopen in new window

Upgrading blockchains has never been easier. Everyone stays on the same path without the need to hard fork their blockchain.

Flexibleopen in new window

Substrate flexibility alleviates the tension of tradeoffs by enabling developers to create the optimal blockchain for their specific needs.

Openopen in new window

The combination of an open-source, customizable architecture, rich tooling, and active community makes Substrate the most open way to build.

Interoperableopen in new window

Substrate takes a unique approach that enables compatibility, security, and efficiency.

Future-Proofopen in new window

Substrate enables developers to change their architecture as their needs evolve, ensuring that the blockchain is ready for the next generation of technology.

Our team is among the earliest adopters and developers of Substrate and Web3 technologies. We chose Substrate because it’s one of the most powerful blockchain development tools — Substrate makes building a blockchain far faster, easier, and safer than ever before. Together with Polkadot and Kusama’s parachain design, we believe it will enable true interoperability and scalability that will revolutionize not just the blockchain industry in general, but also the NFT sector.

During the past Web3 development experiences, our team has delivered five Web3 foundation Grants, won two Hackusama awards, and created the first NFT collectibles on Substrate — Substrapunks, as a tribute to the legendary Cryptopunks. We were also the lead development force of Kusama’s Chiba Gallery. We are now a core member of the Kusama NFT Strategy Team.

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