Collection data

name, description, tokenPrefix

These properties define the basic metadata required for each collection.

  • name - 64 bytes max
  • description - 256 bytes max
  • tokenPrefix - 16 bytes max


  • NFT - Non-fungible tokens format by Unique Network. ERC-721 compatible.
  • ReFungible - essentially a non-fungible token (NFT) with a unique ability: partial ownership
  • Fungible - fungible tokens format by Unique Network. ERC-20 compatible.


accountTokenOwnershipLimit: u32

The maximum number of tokens that one address can own

sponsoredDataSize: u32

The maximum byte size of custom token data that can be sponsored when tokens are minted in sponsored mode

sponsoredDataRateLimit: UpDataStructsSponsoringRateLimit

Defines how many blocks need to pass between setVariableMetadata transactions in order for them to be sponsored

tokenLimit: u32

The total amount of tokens that can be minted in this collection

sponsorTransferTimeout: u32

The time interval in blocks that defines once per how long a non-privileged user transfer or mint transaction can be sponsored

sponsorApproveTimeout: u32

The time interval in blocks defines once per how long a non-privileged user approve transaction can be sponsored.

ownerCanTransfer: bool

Boolean value that tells if the collection owner or admins can transfer or burn tokens owned by other non-privileged users

ownerCanDestroy: bool

Boolean value that shows whether the collection owner can destroy it

transfersEnabled: bool

The flag that defines whether token transfers between users are currently enabled



  • Normal - default value. No extra permissions or limitations
  • AllowList - only accounts added to the allow list (unique.addToAllowList) can own tokens. Also, these accounts can mint tokens if mint mode permission is set to true.


Default to false. Add permission to mint tokens to addresses added to the AllowList


  • tokenOwner - default to false. Allows nesting to token owner
  • collectionAdmin - default to false. Allows nesting to collection administrators and collection owner
  • restricted - default to null. Specifies collection IDs allowed for nesting

Read more about nesting


Defines two main aspects:

  • Lists the properties that an NFT can have. A maximum of 64 properties can be set
  • Defines who can or cannot change these properties

This permission affects the following groups of methods in the unique pallet:

  • Token creation: createItem, createMultipleItems, createMultipleItemsEx
  • Token property management: deleteTokenProperties, setTokenProperties

Here’s what these permissions mean:

  • mutable – whether a token’s property can be set or overwritten after minting. It only makes sense if at least one of the following properties is set to true.
  • collectionAdmin – whether a collection administrator can set a token’s property.
  • tokenOwner – whether a token’s owner can set its property.


  1. {mutable: false, collectionAdmin: true, tokenOwner: false} Only the collection administrator can set the token’s property at the time of token creation.

  2. {mutable: true, collectionAdmin: true, tokenOwner: true} The collection administrator and the token owner can set the token’s property at the time of the collection’s creation and through token property management methods.

  3. {mutable: true, collectionAdmin: false, tokenOwner: true} Only the token owner can set the token’s property. If an administrator mints a token to their own address, they can set the property as the token owner. If the administrator mints a token to another address, only the new owner can set the property after the token is created.

  4. {mutable: false, collectionAdmin: false, tokenOwner: false} No one can ever set the token’s property.

Read more about token properties


Set of key/value pairs defined on a collection level. The maximum number of keys is 64. The maximum size of a parameter data block (keys and values) is 40kB.

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The list of privileged accounts. Read more about roles and access rights