Intro to Unique EVM

Welcome to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) section. Here, we introduce how developers can utilize familiar Ethereum-based tools to interact with Unique Network's advanced NFT pallet.

Unique Network employs Substrate’s flexibility to deliver native NFT features, boosting scalability and customization in digital asset management. It also supports EVM compatibility, allowing Ethereum toolsets to manipulate NFTs. This enables the use of Solidity and other Ethereum standards for NFT interactions on Unique Network, creating a flexible development environment within the Polkadot ecosystem.

This documentation will guide you through deploying and interacting with NFTs via the EVM layer, offering a comprehensive toolkit for both Substrate and Ethereum developers.

Connect to the EVM on Unique Network

You can connect to Unique utilizing familiar tools such as MetaMask and Ethers.js. These tools allow developers to interact with and deploy smart contracts as they would on any Ethereum-compatible network.

You can find connection settings in reference.